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April 6, 2020
May 25, 2020
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Tough to crochet, Go online!

Coronavirus poster design with word lock down with woman knitting illustration

You all may have read or seen in movies were a granny is sitting in the chair, enjoying the sunset while crocheting a blanket (maybe) for her grand baby. Sweet and Emotional right!

So the point here is not granny or the grand baby the point is how many of you have tried crocheting and failed miserably.

For starters, I did! I totally started crocheting with big dreams of creating a bag but slowly and gradually I came to realize that not all of us have that talent.

But what I can say? I really like crochet bag, pouch and what not. They are damn cute and colorful. So I have started learning from scratch with Sushobhan online videos

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What I did is, google crochet designs and products online and voila!!!

All of us know that crochet handbags, table cloth, earrings, pouches, etc. are trendy right now because they completely complement the boho look which again is trendy right now. A boho top, messy bun and crochet bag is what summer is all about.

And guess what!! you guys can find us on AMAZON now!!! Sushobhan is trying to spread its network to be in your reach easily .

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SO what, that I don’t know how to crochet but I do know the place to find trendy crochet product online! Do visit sushobhan crochet shop now!!

Different crochet designs are available on sushobhan. Stylish handbags, pouches, tablecloths and much more. As well as if you use woolen crochet pouches for your mobile or eye glasses it secure such products from getting scratches.

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